Transportation Committee Program of Work


Butch Stein, Fairbanks Community Food Bank

Meeting Times

Every Thursday, 7:00am at Denny’s Restaurant

Mission Statement

The Transportation Committee advocates for improvement and growth in the transportation infrastructure for the Northern Region including roads, railroad, aviation, terminals, water access, pipelines, communication and transmission lines, with a goal to enhance Fairbanks as the Alaska and Northern Region transportation hub and increase the capability to service International traffic.

Goals for the Year

  • Economic Vitality
    • Enhance the local area’s economic growth, competitiveness, and productivity and for a safer and more efficient transportation system by advocating for the continuance of the Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System (FMATS) and increased funding for it.
    • Identify and promote projects that will improve economic development; Advocate for adequate funding for the maintenance and operation of the existing transportation system; Support the transmission of natural gas through, within, into, and out of the Fairbanks Area
    • Encourage the study of alternate rail routes which would eliminate at-grade railroad crossings
    • Advocate for training and attracting the transportation industry workforce of the future
    • Examine the impact of the carbon tax on the cost of transportation in the Interior
    • Support efforts to lure, secure, and sustain competitive domestic and international air service to Fairbanks
    • Interior Issues in Support of Statewide Transportation Needs
  • Support Local, Regional, and Statewide Transportation Needs.
    • To advocate for new funding sources for the transportation system and promote the use of Fairbanks as a transportation hub
    • Support statewide initiatives that affect transportation in the Northern Region of Alaska
    • Support a rational distribution of State public transportation funds based on the amount of infrastructure to be maintained and improved
    • Advocate for buy, build, and hire Alaskan
    • Identify the transportation corridors around the state critical to Fairbanks’ needs
    • Advocate for expanding and increasing broadband access
    • Support documentation of RS 2477 Corridors throughout the Interior

Programs & Projects for the Year

  • Lecture Series
    • Provide a weekly forum for exploring relevant transportation issues for committee members and the interested general public
  • Advocacy
    • Provide through committee member resolutions or letters of support, recommendations to the Chamber Board for action and support statements relevant to the transportation system
  • Recommend appropriate General Membership Luncheon Programs/Panel Discussions

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