Since 2008, the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce has been utilizing an Investor Program, which allows members to focus their philanthropic and/or promotional opportunities in areas of impact they most care about. Our Investors are a select group that has committed to an increase in their annual membership dues in order to support economic enhancement in the community. Investment at varying levels secures some standard membership features.

In addition to dues of $2,500 per year, each Investor automatically becomes a sponsor of the “Business Development” area of focus represented by the Chamber’s operations staff. Each Investor is also given the opportunity to select a higher level of investment (Gold, Platinum, and Diamond) by providing additional donor funding, and selecting additional areas of focus to sponsor. Additional investments in these community focuses are made in increments of $2,500, and the total amount of money invested determines your organization’s sponsorship level. All Investors begin at the Silver level, and increase in levels as their investment is increased.